The Association is dedicated to improving the safety & security of visitors and visitor venues through continuing professional education and a variety of services in support of global tourism enterprises.   In addition to organizing the annual Conference, the CTSSA hosts periodic half-day training seminars on a wide variety of timely topics.   These seminars are usually presented at no cost to qualified participants, as part of our public service mission.  SME’s from the Association are available to address industry conferences and conventions on areas of specialized interest.

The Association also offers tailored training for individual businesses and organizations upon request.  The CTSSA’s Advisory Board includes experienced practitioners and SME’s who are well-qualified to present targeted training programs on request.    Common participants include tourism marketing teams, hotels, law enforcement agencies, convention managers, meeting planners, amusement parks, tour operators, security teams, major retailers, resorts, concert halls, and sporting venues.

Training programs presented previously include:
> Premise Liability for Visitor Venues
> Common Crimes Targeting Tourists
> Tourist Oriented Policing & Security
> Selecting Safe Destinations and Venues for CMP’s
> Special Event Risk Management
> Crimes & Scams Against Hotels
> Active Shooter Response for Tourism Venues
> Privacy Protection for Guests and Staff
> Serving & Protecting Convention Managers & Meeting Planners
> Travel Safety for Women
> Responsible Beverage Service
> Hotel Security Best Practices
> See Something, Say Something
> Gypsy/Grifter Crimes & Scams
> Security Guest Service Excellence
> Counterfeit Currency and Fraudulent Credit Cards
> Narcotics Recognition and Symptomology
> Drug Labs Inside Hotels
> Safety/Security in Tourism Sales/Marketing
> Protecting and Serving Conventioneers
> Online Reservation Fraud
> Pickpockets and Distraction Thieves
> Abating Nuisance Businesses
> Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
> Media Relations & Crisis Communications for Tourism
> Developing Strategic Partnerships in Tourism Security
> Counter-Terrorism  ~  Hardening Tourism Targets
> Visitor Perceptions Concerning Safety & Security

(To inquire about upcoming training seminars,
or to request an in-house program for your own
team, contact Mark Litch, Janelle Washington, or Mickey Wiggins.)

Founded January 2001